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Mobile wellness at your fingertips.

Montana's premier in-home concierge health and wellness service. 

We come to you.

Our mobile services.

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The home of healing.

Experience the extraordinary convenience and exceptional care of our exclusive in-home concierge services. At Modwella Montana, we bring the rejuvenating benefits of IV therapy right to your doorstep. Our highly skilled practitioners will craft personalized therapy combinations tailored to your unique requirements, incorporating NAD infusions and weight-loss injections. Bid farewell to common ailments and embrace a revitalized, unstoppable version of yourself under Modwella's expert guidance.

Our clients love us.

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At Modwella, we offer Utah's premier in-home concierge health and wellness services, including mobile IVs.

How it works.

As the leading provider of in-home health concierge services, we are dedicated to ensuring your optimal well-being and appearance within the familiar, convenient, and private environment of your home. Our team of registered nurses and practitioners brings their expertise directly to you, eliminating the need for long waiting times and uncomfortable treatment rooms.

We come to you.

Step 1

Select Your Service

We offer several in-home concierge health services. Learn more about them and select the one that best fits your needs.

Step 2

Book Your Session

Simply choose your in-home concierge service and schedule the best day and time that works for you. Text us for ASAP service.

Step 3

We Come to You

Our Registered Nurses will come to you and provide the best in-home concierge experience. It's self care made easy. 

Nurse-led treatments.

We surpass industry standards by providing a level of treatment that we ourselves would expect to receive. Your infusion will be administered by a registered nurse based in Montana, ensuring the highest level of care. With a focus on complete peace of mind, our licensed in-house physician is just a phone call away, ready to assist you in selecting the ideal treatment for your specific needs. 

Nikki, RN.
Nicole / RN
Jenny / RN
Jantzen / RN
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Alyson / RN
Jessica / RN
Victoria / RN
Elysia, RN
Elysia / RN
Savannah / RN

Tap. Text. Done.

We're your constant companion, delivering an array of revitalizing services right to your doorstep. With our mobile IV cocktails, weight-loss injections, and anti-aging treatments, we redefine the meaning of convenience. Say goodbye to the hassle of visiting clinics and embrace a new level of ease and efficiency. Whether you need an in-office pick-me-up, at-home hydration, a pre-gym boost, or cost-effective options for your next girls' night, we've got you covered. No matter where you are, we're there with you, offering a diverse range of unique self-care services tailored to meet everyone's needs.

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

Modwella is now in Montana to revolutionize the healing experience. Our extensive range of infusions caters to diverse needs, whether it's addressing morning sickness or managing chronic illnesses. Rest assured, our infusions deliver unparalleled benefits without breaking the bank. Reach out to us via text, call, or visit our profile for more information.

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